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Pacific-Technologies Globe Corp was founded in 2006, an integrated digital brand which devotes itself to Information Technology and consumer digital products’ research and development, product designs and manufacturing, marketing sales and product services. Since it was founded, It insists on developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as tablets, e-book, pc input equipment, optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, and webcams to the market. Until today, the brand has successfully gained exceed 100 million users and made its great contribution to the popularity of Hi-tech application and the pace of industry development of the digital world. As a well-known digital brand, it puts forward its brand concept as ‘To let more people enjoy the digital life’, which means to utilize its technical strength and distribution channel advantages to produce a variety of innovative and stable digital products for the users to enjoy the convenience brought by the latest technology. In order to achieve the goal, it invested huge funds to build up its own product R&D center. It positively introduces fashionable design concept and innovative technology application and also to continually improves its products’ technical content to fulfill the individualized consumption of business and personal users. In addition, it set up convenient after-sales service system to provide solid technical support for its brand users.

It sticks to the principle of ‘quality comes first’. It adheres to innovation. It continuously creates user demand meanwhile to improve the performance and technical content of its products. For these years, it has strict quality requirements for its factories to ensure every product was produced by the first-class production lines with world-class R&D standard. Meanwhile, it always keep technical exchanges and good cooperative relationships with world-class manufacturers. Therefore, all the great effects made by it allow it to tackle all the quality issues appeared on production line. Meanwhile, it regularly updates the firmware of its products and optimize all the pre- installed applications to enhance the user experiences of the customers.

By implementing ‘quality first’ corporate philosophy, It’s brand vision is to continuously improve its brand features and service quality to meet higher user demands for different groups of users. We believe with the desire to become the world’s leading IT and digital brand, it will succeed in the global market in the near future.



Contact: William Lee

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Email: velocmate@outlook.com; williamleehth001@pacifictech-globe.com

Add: Building 34-601,Feng He Ri Li Garden, Minzhi Street, Longhua, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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